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Our Mission

Stroika Engineering provides structural engineering design and  construction administration. We work on a variety of project types and sizes in the Columbia River Gorge and beyond.


Homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments make up just some of the vital experience Stroika Engineering has in residential engineering design. In each arena, Stroika has proudly helped private home and residential property owners establish and integrate green strategies and sustainability goals, as well as troubleshoot challenging environmental concerns, such as wind, water, and Pacific Northwest winters. In every project, Stroika has achieved consummate results in design and functionality for new builds, renovations, additions, and sitework.


Also focusing on office, retail, and mixed-use spaces, Stroika Engineering truly understands the needs of a commercial building. At Stroika, we recognize the importance of time constraints, existing structural sensitivities, and each client’s interests. As a result, the forefront of our project approach is always focused on collaborative, communicative development geared towards delivering innovative solutions that meet current building and client needs for years to come.

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